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Concept art, possible castings, locations. Click on the first thumbnail to enlarge series.


Sizzle Reel

​This is the sizzle reel to Hellfighters that introduces the key above the line components of the movie.





Storyboards for penultimate sequence - the chase at the utility pipe. Click on the first thumbnail to enlarge series. This sequence will ultimately be pre-visualised in virtual reality and printed to full animation..


3D Simulation of the layout of the main location: the Whitewater special forces base in Central Asia.





Oil Rig

3D Simulation of second largest build: the Oil rig where the final confrontation takes place.






18 Turns

The 3D simulation explores the location of the highjack of the drone at 18 turns road.



The Pipe

A simulation that looks at how to execute the chase through the pipe sequence. This is expanded in the storyboards above.